Furious fans crashed the website of Formula One’s ruling body last night after officials cruelly landed a low blow on Max Verstappen in the final moments of the US Grand Prix.

Verstappen launched his Red Bull at Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari in a thrilling last-gasp move to snatch third place from the Finn. Raikkonen was helpless against the audacity of the 20-year-old, who brought the Texan crowd to its feet.

What came next angered everyone, from the cowboy-hatted fans to Niki Lauda, the three-time world champion and now chairman of Verstappen’s rivals at Mercedes. Verstappen was handed a five‑second penalty for leaving the track to complete his overtaking, relegating the Dutchman to fourth.

“The worst decision I have ever seen,” Lauda raged. Verstappen joined in with: “With those stupid decisions, you really kill the sport. It’s one idiot steward up there.”

Fans could not wait to express their anger, taking to the FIA website in droves. FIA officials will now face calls for change when Lauda puts the matter on the agenda for the next rule-making Strategy Group.

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