Want More Website Traffic? 7 Strategies To Grow What You Already Have

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Want More Website Traffic? 7 Strategies to Grow What You Already HavePexels.com

Do you want more website traffic? Of course you do. But don’t worry—this post wasn’t meant to lure you in with a bold promise only to withhold the “secret” in exchange for a few hundred dollars. There isn’t really a secret to getting more traffic, or a hack that, if implemented, can instantly multiply your numbers. Instead, everything relies on some measure of time, effort, and/or money to see results.

That being said, if you already have decent traffic numbers—I’ll say, arbitrarily, 30,000 visitors a month or more—there are some strategies that allow you to leverage the visitors you’re already getting to earn even more traffic. You can think of this as a kind of slingshot effect, leveraging momentum and forces that already exist rather than demanding new effort or investment to get things started.

These are just some of the tactics that allow this to unfold:

1. Referrals. One of the easiest ways to spread love for your brand is to institute a referral program. There are many ways to do this, and no “correct” way, but the basic premise is always the same; reward your existing visitors for encouraging other people they know to visit your website (or even better, buy from you). For example, you could give your customers a unique referral code which, if used by a new customer, entitles them to a discount or special promotion. Or, if your business is smaller or is primarily B2B, you could ask your customers directly to mention you to other potential customers they may know.

2. Shareable content. You could also leverage your existing traffic as a springboard to get more visibility for your most shareable, potentially viral content. There’s no surefire formula for viral content, but it’s usually simultaneously practical, entertaining, and surprising for a wide, but targeted audience. Take your best work and promote it to your existing fans through social media, email, and any other channels you have, then ask your followers to share it even further. If your timing is right and you have a bit of luck, that initial wave of shares could be enough to take your content on a viral tour.

3. Social engagement. Engaging with followers on social media, whether it’s in one-off conversations or a question-and-answer thread, is always a good way to generate more visibility. Every time you respond to or address an existing follower, you’ll expose your brand to all the people that follower is connected to. You’ll also earn a higher likelihood of getting shared, and you’ll demonstrate how valuable your customers are to you. It’s a win-win strategy that doesn’t take much time to execute, even on an ongoing basis.

4. Rewards for daily check-ins. You can also drive more traffic by encouraging more repeat visits from users who are already interested in your business. The best way to do this is by offering some kind of reward for daily check-ins. Apps often do this by providing in-app content or unlocking various rewards, but you can accomplish the same goal on your website by offering discounts or promotions, or even by publishing a new piece of content every day.



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