Mozilla’s Plan For Easier Web Development

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With a view to making web development just a little easier Mozilla is partnering with Microsoft, Google, the W3C and Samsung to create cross-browser documentation on MDN.


MDN Web Docs already exists and is widely used. According to Mozilla:

More than six million web developers and designers currently visit the site each month and readership is growing at a spectacular rate of 40 percent, year over year. Popular content includes articles and tutorials on JavaScript, CSS and HTML, as well as detailed, comprehensive documentation of new technologies like Web APIs.

It is also well supported:

Community contributions are at the core of MDN’s success. Thousands of volunteers have helped build and refine MDN over the past 12 years. In this year alone, 8,021 users made 76,203 edits, greatly increasing the scope and quality of the content. Cross-browser documentation contributions include input from writers at Google and Microsoft; Microsoft writers have made more than 5,000 edits so far in 2017. This cross-browser collaboration adds valuable content on browser compatibility and new features of the web platform. Going forward, Microsoft writers will focus their Web API documentation efforts on MDN and will redirect relevant pages from Microsoft Developer Network to MDN.

The new initiative is the formation of a Product Advisory Board to bring together industry partner to oversee MDN documentation in a more formal way than currently exists. Mozilla’s vision for it is to build collaboration that helps the MDN community, collectively, maintain MDN as the most comprehensive, complete, and trusted reference documenting the most important aspects of modern browsers and web standards.

The members of the inaugural board are:

  • Ali Spivak, Chair, Mozilla
  • Daniel Appelquist, Samsung Internet
  • Dominique Hazael-Massieux, W3C
  • Meggin Kearney, Google
  • Patrick Kettner, Microsoft
  • Christopher Mills, Mozilla
  • Erika Doyle Navara, Microsoft
  • Robert Nyman, Google
  • Kadir Topal, Mozilla

According to Ali Spivak:

By strengthening our relationships with experts across the industry, the Product Advisory Board will ensure MDN documentation stays relevant, is browser-agnostic, and helps developers keep up with the most important aspects of the web platform.

Daniel Appelquist, who as Director of Developer Advocacy at Samsung Internet and Co-Chair of W3C’s Technical Architecture Group, represents two parties comments:.


“One common thread we hear from web developers is that documentation on how to build for the cross-browser web is too fragmented.
I’m excited to be part of the efforts being made with MDN Web Docs to address this issue and to bring better and more comprehensive documentation to developers worldwide.”


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