The 8 eCommerce Trends That Will Dominate 2018

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Over half of Americans now say they prefer to shop online, and eCommerce is increasing 23% year-over-year.

For most businesses, having an online presence is no longer optional. It’s necessary for survival in an increasingly internet-oriented market.

If you really want to rule the eCommerce marketplace, you also have to stay on top of the ever-changing online shopping trends.

Here are the top eight trends we’ll likely see in 2018.

1. Omni-Platform and Omni-Device

In 2018, the many different online platforms people use and the many different devices they use to access them will become increasingly integrated. It won’t be enough to just have a presence on multiple channels. You’ll have to integrate those channels with each other as well.

This is exemplified in the cookie-enabled ads that have recently become popular. If a user performs a Google search for new bicycles, for instance, and looks at a few purchase options, they might see ads for new bikes popping up on their Facebook feed the next day.


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