5 Marketing Tips From HubSpot’s 25M Monthly Website Traffic

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HubSpot Co-founder and CEO, Brian Halligan (Marketwire)

If you’re a marketer, you can’t help but hear about HubSpot’s massive growth. The company was founded in 2006 and grew from zero to $271 million revenue in 10 years.

Moreover, HubSpot has a#5 traffic ranking worldwide in the online marketing tech space and has built an audience of several million people between their blog visitors, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and LinkedIn connections (according to their most recent Annual Investors Report).

In this piece, Chris Von Wilpert, Chief Content Sumo at Sumo Group, examines the latest marketing tactics HubSpot is using to generate over 25 million website visits per month.

1. Use Chatbot Marketing As A New Lead Generation Channel

Since its launch, Facebook Messenger bot has quickly become one of the top marketing tools, especially in the tech industry. Its rapid growth isn’t an accident. Facebook Messenger average open rates are over 80% compared to average email opens rate of around 20%.  That’s four times more people opening your messages!

HubSpot’s marketing team is focusing on creating lead magnet opportunities wherever possible. Using a Facebook Messenger bot on their fan page is another way they generate new leads.

Besides hosting the Messenger bot natively on their Facebook page, HubSpot also gets their brand in front of other people’s audiences by doing content partnerships with other businesses. Here is what HubSpot’s chatbot landing page looks like for a recent content partnership teaching people how to build chatbots:

HubSpot chatbot landing pageSumo Group

HubSpot chatbot landing page

To prove how effective messenger bots are in the marketing space, HubSpot acquired Motion.ai, one of the top chatbot builders in September this year.

Key Takeaway: Build a Facebook Messenger list by using a Facebook Messenger bot and ask people to sign up to the bot to get new content from your business. This list will serve as another source of lead generation for your business.

2. Growth Hack The Big 3 Social Media Networks

Nearly every business is on social media today but not everyone gets ROI out of their social media effort. HubSpot maximize their social reach by combining the strengths of multiple social platforms and then turn this traffic into leads with lead magnets.

HubSpot’s native Facebook videos consistently get thousands of views, likes and shares. They then turn their Facebook videos into lead magnets by offering free tools related to their videos in the comments section.

HubSpot Facebook postSumo Group

HubSpot Facebook post

HubSpot’s second largest social network is LinkedIn where they have over 191,000 followers. But instead of posting native video content on LinkedIn, HubSpot uses LinkedIn to drive traffic to their Facebook posts.

With this strategy, HubSpot successfully funnels all their social reach to their most effective lead generation platform (i.e. Facebook) and turns them into leads.

On YouTube (HubSpot’s third largest traffic driving social network), instead of driving traffic to their Facebook posts (because click-through rates on YouTube video are low), they drive traffic to a free inbound marketing strategy assessment so they can collect leads to sell their software to their most engaged audience.

HubSpot YouTube videoSumo Group

HubSpot YouTube video

Key Takeaway: Take a look at which of your social media channels has the most followers and engagement, then find a way to growth hack organic engagement on that channel. Use lead magnets on your social posts to collect leads from all your traffic.

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