THE HOMEPAGE OF neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer includes a section called “Race War” that on Friday featured headlines such as “Black Murdered White Girl He Was Pimping Out” and “Trial Starts for Black Who Murdered Two College Students 23 Years Ago.”

These articles appear on, hosted by a domain in the British territory of Anguilla. That’s right – after disappearing into the dark web as a result of being booted from GoDaddy, Google, and a domain in Russia for being too racist, the Daily Stormer is being hosted on a Caribbean island where 85 percent of the population identifies as African or black.

Anguilla locals prepare and enjoy a Caribbean cookout at the 2016 West fest along Meads Bay, Anguilla on August 04, 2016.

Anguilla locals prepare and enjoy a Caribbean cookout at the 2016 West fest along Meads Bay, Anguilla on August 04, 2016.

Photo: Chad Kent of Mash Up Media

The site was blacklisted in August when Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin wrote a vulgar post attacking Heather Heyer, who was killed by a driver at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Social media activists pressured GoDaddy into canceling the website’s registration. The website then registered with Google Domains, which swiftly dropped it as well. Both companies said they canceled the website’s registration due to its violation of their terms of service.The next day, the website reappeared as The Russian company that registered the Daily Stormer’s domain in the country also quickly nixed it due to the fact that the website’s content violated Russia’s hate speech laws.

The website then turned to Namecheap, an American web registrar, which also took the site down. The Daily Stormer then retreated to the dark web, where it was only available via Tor Browser.

Now the white supremacist platform has resurfaced with an Anguillan domain.

From its perch in the British West Indies, the neo-Nazi faction is wading heavily into the internecine Republican debate over the future of the party and coming down squarely on the side of Steve Bannon, former White House strategist for President Donald Trump.

In a piece on the site over the weekend, headlined “Steve Bannon Rallies California GOP While Ripping Zionist Terrorist George W. Bush,” Lee Rogers wrote, “Bannon’s war on the Republican establishment is very important. It will ultimately determine if Trump is able to accomplish big things in his first term as President. He already has one win under his belt. Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama was huge. The Republican establishment threw $30 million supporting Luther Strange’s campaign and they lost by 10 points. We need similar types of victories around the country. Most critically, we need victories in the Senate.”

Wins by people like Moore, wrote Rogers, open the door for white supremacy. “Destroying what’s left of the Republican establishment is of great importance. It will provide a path for us to finally begin having real discussions about ethnic nationalism, race and how we are going to deal with the Jewish infestation of our nation,” he assessed.

The endorsement of Bannon’s effort came a week after a Daily Stormer article praised Bannon’s speech to the Values Voter Summit, calling it “phase two of the Trumpist revolution.”