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Jannik Lorenzen

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Hey there!

Jannik – that’s me. I’m a freelance web developer since March 2016 and was a regular, employed web developer before – total experience – about five years.

What can I help you with? Well, basically anything web development related. I bring a vast amount of experience in working with PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS(3), HTML(5) and Dojo amongst others. You can find a full list on my website.

I’ve been working for a company called InnoGames (any many more) for quite a few years (one of the major browser/mobile game developers in Germany and Europe) – and I’m always working on my own browser- and client game projects, too.

How much do I charge? It’s a tough question. I usually charge about 33-35 EUR per hour (net) remote work during prime time (Monday-Friday, 9-to-5). However, I’m aware that there are lots of decent projects and start-ups out there on a budget – so I’m offering fixed prices and (much) lower rates for non-priority work I can do in the evenings and on weekends. General rule: It’s negotiable – and I’m more willing to find a good rate for both of us if the project sounds interesting.

Anyway. Should you be interested – don’t shy away. I’ll be available to answer your requests and find a good deal.




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