Why India’s e-commerce pioneer does not see Flipkart turning profitable. Ever

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Flipkart’s triumph over Amazon India during seasonal sales may still be in the realm of conjecture, but India’s e-commerce pioneer is worried for the homegrown online retailer for other reasons too.

The founder of India’s first e-commerce platform Indiaplaza does not see Flipkart turning profitable – ever.

“Both are burning cash to acquire customers during their respective sale festivals, but I would worry more about Flipkart,” says K Vaitheeswaran. “Amazon runs a profi ..

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Why sales are logical, but risky
Vaitheeswaran’s entrepreneurial experience taught him that consumers have two kinds of spending habits – one that is need-based and the other which is impulsive. And festive season is when 40% of impulsive buys of the year happen – an opportunity e-commerce players cannot ignore.

“This makes it an apt time for them to acquire new customers, who can be lured with good merchandise at discounte ..

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